Book an Air Ambulance 24x 7 Medical Emergencies Cares with Top Doctors and Modern ICU Facilities from Delhi and Chennai

Medivic Aviation provides the best of medical flight and air ambulance services in Delhi, India. We provide recovery and repatriations of critically ill patients and injured to and from Delhi and abroad. Our  medical emergency assistance and medical air ambulance services from Delhi/NCR are managed by highly experienced and qualified personnel 24×7 hours .We have a 24 hours Command and Control medical ambulance manned by top Doctors to provide advice and assistance to those in need.

Transporting patients on special Charter Aircraft | commercial airlines| choppers

Medivic Aviation Special trained medical team of doctor, Paramedical/nurse supplementary the ill patient from “bedside to bedside” throughout the transfer with modern ICU facilities


Medivic Aviation best medical arrangement of portable life saving equipment like defibrillators , ventilators , infusion pumps , spine board , balloon pumps , pacemakers , monitors , oxygen cylinders, stretchers and other special requirements in the Charter aircraft, Commercial aircraft with top paramedical team and top MD doctors

Medivic Aviation providing the ICU facility in our crafts with all medical care for the purpose of transporting ill patient from one place to other place with the doctors medical facility. Medivic Aviation air ambulance services will be given by flights helicopter. Medivic Aviation air ambulance services from Delhi to Mumbai, Patna, Chennai, Bangalore and all over India vice-versa. for to combine for the one aim to save the life, challenging mission for to save the life of our people, our medical and technical medical emergency experts from highly qualified Aero space medicine, doctors and all ground staff only has one aim to serve the society in well way to save some one life in our leaving time, also Medivic Aviation Air ambulance medical team ready to take off equipped with even in advanced cardiac life support systems, advanced trauma life support systems to save some one in deed. Our medical emergency team the experienced and also best medical ICU Charter air ambulance services in Chennai to Delhi vice-versa with top doctors and best medical modern facilities.


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