Cheap and Low Cost Air Ambulance Services in Jamshedpur and Chennai Provide by Medivic Aviation

Hello, friends my name is Ankush Raghav, I belong to Jamshedpur (Jharkhand). I am a student of 10+2. Today you think what and why I write a blog.  Some days before my father was very serious he attacks paralysis. Firstly I was gone to the local doctor in home Jamshedpur. The doctor told to my family the patient has attack paralysis so you should go to the top hospital in the metropolitan city. He suggests to my family. You should go Chennai for treatment. Finally, my family decides to go Chennai for treatment but there are major issues because my father was on ventilator support, then I contact Medivic Aviation Air Ambulance Services in Jamshedpur city.


So it not able to go Chennai without doctor support. First, I call too many air ambulance service provider company but they charge very high approx 3 lacks that are not under my budget. Finally, I talk Dr.Mukesh Kumar he has an own company that name is Medivic Aviation. He is a calmful person and gentleman. I totally share our problem because I belong to middle family. He is the great person he agreed to sift my father in Chennai top hospital at very affordable air ambulance fare which I can easily effort. Finally thanks to Mrs. Mukesh Kumar and whole Medivic Aviation team that provide best facilities with the latest equipment. And save my parent life.

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Medivic Aviation Provide Best Medical ICU Emergency Charted Aircraft, Commercial Aircraft and Train Ambulance Services from Kolkata and Chennai Best ICU facilities with MD Doctors

Medivic Aviation Provide best emergency medical facilities Chartered aircraft, Helicopter, Commercial may be a full-fledged Air Ambulance Services in Kolkata with complete medical equipment including an ICU, oxygen, doctors, and emergency operating facilities, etc. Or it may just be a specialized helicopter fitted with stretchers for the transport of the ill Patients. Services provided on a Medivic Aviation or Air Ambulance is dependent on the requirements of the client.


Is the ill patient stabilized and medically cleared to fly?
Does the patient need to be Shifting on a charted aircraft, commercial stretcher or can they walk a few short steps? This information is important for getting into certain Medivic Aviation.
Medivic Aviation arrangements been made to receive the ill patient at the destination point?
The patient sustains more than one takeoff and landing? On a long trip, an aircraft may need to make a technical stop.
Medivic Aviation provides Air Charter Service can be contacted 7 weeks, 24 hours a day to receive calls and secure suitable emergency medical evacuation Aircraft.(Twin Engine only)
Medivic Aviation provides KING AIR B 200 is a twin engine turbo prop aircraft fitted with most reliable PT-6 engines with best Paramedical staff and MD doctors. We Pilatus PC 12 is a single engine turbop prop aircraft with best paramedical staff and best ICU working air MD doctors which care the shifting the patients. We provide all type hi-tech emergency medical facilities and best ICU, CCU, NICU services from Kolkata to any other city in India and Global.


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Best Medical Air Ambulance Services in Jabalpur by Medivic Aviation

Hello, friends, my name are sunny Kumar. I am from Madhya Pradesh. I am the student of computer science in a private college. Today you think what and why I write blogs. Actually some days ago my father was injured in a road accident he was very critical firstly I go to the local private hospital. The doctor told to my family member the patient condition is good so we need to transfer patient in multi-specialist hospital I call many Air Ambulance Services from Jabalpur to Bhubaneswar but many of air ambulance service provider charge is too high approx 3 lacks because I belongs to middle family so this budget is not my under estimate finally.


I talk to a very gentle man mr.mukesh Kumar he has own Air Ambulance Service provider company which name is Medivic Aviation. he was ready to shift my father Air Ambulance cost from Jabalpur to Mumbai at very affordable air ambulance fair with all latest facilities with an infusion pump, oxygen cylinder, escort stretcher Finally My father saves a life. And last I especially thanks to Medivic team and staff who are very dedicated to own duties, he/she treated patient as a family member.

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Choose the Best Medical ICU Facilities Charted Aircraft from Mumbai and Chennai with Best Paramedical Staff and MD Doctors Team Provide by Medivic Aviation

Medivic Aviation ( A Brand of Medivic Pharmaceutical Pvt. Ltd ) provide world class medical ICU, CCU, NICU, a ventilator with best air and train ambulance service from Mumbai to any city in India and global. Flight escort service usually refers to a critical care trained paramedical staff member usually with 10 years of experience that accompanies an ill patient in a scheduled, charted aircraft commercial aircraft. Medivic Aviation provides medicine specific to ICU facilities .Medivic Aviation has a specific protocol for a real travel emergency. All air medical transport services provide certain types of life support. Usually, the protocol for a patient with an emergency while on a critical care air ambulance services from Mumbai transport charted aircraft which shift the patients from Mumbai to any city in India and global.


Medivic Aviation provide Worldwide emergency air medical transportation is arranged with charted aircraft, commercial aircraft bases all over the world, although the vast widely thought of emergency air ambulances services from Mumbai are by Medivic Aviation. In the air ambulance industry, each base is sometimes referred to as a life support. Medivic aviation can be equipped with advanced life support system. Medivic Aviation Resources and references to air ambulance services include with best paramedical staff and best MD Doctors, which explains the nature of air medical flight missions and save the patient’s life.

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